Business breakfast

«Business breakfast ” one of the successful projects that helps transfer of practical experience from an expert to the community. By holding breakfasts with famous and successful personalities form an open environment to transform the  experience of these people and develop practical tools for business development.

«Business breackfast» project received a DIPLOMA in the nomination “BEST BUSINESS EVENT” according to the version of “INDEPENDENT PRIZE EVENT AWARDS CENTRAL ASIA 2017»

«Mentoring for the women entrepreneurs»

 «Mentoring for the women entrepreneurs» project  strengthens women's entrepreneurship and the role of women in Business. The project has been operating since June 2018.

Target audience: founders, managers, co-owners, business consultants of companies, entrepreneurs from all regions of the country

The results of the first season: 26 participants, 93% increase in the economic indicator of participants, 72% of the participants scaled the business, 100% support from mentors, 93% of the participants opened new products and directions.

"Workshop for leaders"

The main goal of the project is to strengthen the corporate culture of business corporations. Over the two years of the project's launch, more than 35 trainings were conducted for senior and middle managers of business companies.

Result: Positive feedback, recommendations, long-term partnership. Partners: Megafon, Beeline, Gazprom Neft, Tcell, Sangtuda-2 HPP, 55 Group, Ideal-M, BC "Sozidanie"

Organization and holding a photo exhibition

Organization and holding of a photo exhibition reflecting the livelihood of the border districts of Tajikistan with Kyrgyzstan and Afghanistan.

The main goal of the exhibition is to reflect the life of the common people, which does not depend on the policy of prohibitions, religion and worldview.

Result: 4 days and 1,500 representatives of Tajik Media, schoolchildren, active youth, students and civil servants.

«Forum I»

«Forum I» - is the largest networking platform for women in Tajikistan, which was visited by more than 1000 People. The purpose of the forum is to increase the economy and culture of the country by strengthening the role and importance of women in society and increasing their personal growth and positive changes.

In 2019, it acquired the status of an International Forum with the participation of 4 countries from Central Asia and Russia.

The result of the Forum was the launching of the project “The Other Self”, which changed the lives of many women, including successful ones.

“The Other Self” – is a project on  woman's search and finding good guidance to personal happiness. Participants of the project are women that will be involved in: sports, the industry of style and beauty, psychology of relations education.